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How To Change the Number Assigned to Your Wireless Buzzer

October 1, 2022

Important Note: Using this procedure to change your buzzer number assignment is NOT recommended if you need to make frequent changes. The tiny switches are simply not designed for continuous use. We recommend buying additional buzzers with the desired number assignments to avoid the need for frequent number changes.

Use any text editor on your computer so that it displays text as you type it from your keyboard. The buzzers send text characters to the computer in the same way as your keyboard so this is the easiest way to see if all is well with the hardware. Connect the USB receiver, of course.

  • Buzzer numbers are set via the small, DIP switch on the bottom of the buzzer. For our Power Grip handheld model, the DIP switch is inside the battery bay under the left side battery. You will need a sharp-point item such as a needle, toothpick or paper clip to move the tiny switches. Using a blunt object such as a ballpoint pen may damage the switch. Likewise too much downward pressure can cause damage. We want to slide the switch, not push down on it.

  • Affordable Buzzers DIP Switch for setting the assigned buzzer number - Front View
  • Note that the DIP switch may be rotated 180° from one buzzer to the next so look for the white imprinted ON indicator in the top left corner and the tiny white switch number imprinted under the white switches.

  • Turn buzzer power switch OFF. You will not harm anything if the power is on, but the new DIP switch setting may not take effect until you toggle the power OFF for 3 seconds, then ON.

  • Using the DIP switch chart below, slide the corresponding switches to the ON position (up) or OFF position (down) as indicated on the chart.

  • The switch position can be easier to see from a side view of the DIP switch.

  • Affordable Buzzers DIP Switch for setting assigned buzzer number - Angle View
  • Make sure any other buzzers with this same DIP setting are powered OFF

  • Turn power switch ON

  • Test buzzer using a text editor to verify that the TEXT CHARACTER displayed on screen matches the TEXT column of the DIP switch chart

Affordable Buzzers DIP Switch character chart - numbers 1-25
Affordable Buzzers DIP Switch character chart - numbers 26-50