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Twist-Off Tops: How to Change Your Buzzer Colors

December 28, 2022

How can I tell if my buzzer has a twist-off top?

Check the round label on the bottom of your buzzer that identifies the buzzer number. A white label with a GREEN number indicates a "Color-Swap Twist-Top" model. Any other buzzer number color such as black, yellow, gold or red, it is not a twist-top model.

My buzzer has a green number label but the top is locked tight and won't move. What's wrong?

Our buzzer tops do not have twist threads like bottle caps or jar lids. They have small tabs inside the rim that lock into notches in the buzzer body. The tops lock very firmly to the buzzer body by design so they do not come loose while eager players are whacking their buzzers during game play.

Affordable Buzzers twist-top tab Affordable Buzzers twist-top notch

How do I remove the color top?

The best way is to place the buzzer flat on a hard surface. Note that the locking mechanism of our buzzers is opposite that of standard twist caps and jar lids. Twist clockwise (to the right) to remove the color top. You may find it helpful to slightly dampen the palm of your hand so it won't slip on the plastic buzzer button when you twist it. Place the palm of your hand over the buzzer button, press down very firmly, and twist clockwise (right). The top will only move about 1/4 inch as the tabs disengage from the locking slots. You should now be able to wiggle the top free of the buzzer body.

Attaching the color tops.

It's not necessary to align the tabs and locking slots when attaching the color tops to your buzzer. Just slip the top over the buzzer body, place the buzzer flat on a hard surface, and twist the top counter-clockwise (to the left) with the palm of your hand as described above until you feel the locking mechanism snap into place. To be sure it's fully locked, we recommend twisting to the right (unlock) and again back to the left (lock). You should be able to easily feel the 1/4 inch movement as the top unlocks and locks. Once it's loocked, check around the perimeter to make sure all three tabs are engaged in the locking slots. If you can see any portion of a locking slot as shown in the photo below, repeat the unlock/relock procedure by twisting the top right, then left.